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Get all your questions answered on body composition, sports performance & nutritional deficiencies!

Virtual Sports Dietitian Consultation

  • Your first consult with Chanise will be for her to gain an understanding into what sort of plan and nutrition strategies are best for you. This consult allows Chanise to provide you with tailored guidance and education based on your usual eating habits and social commitments. As well as, most importantly, allow you to reach your goals!

    Discussion surrounding:

    * Medical history

    * Body composition, training & performance goals

    * Current/Past injuries

    * Sporting/training demands

    * Lifestyle, social and cultural commitments 

    * Dietary intake and habits

    * Gut health and digestion 

    * Sleep and stress management 

    * Hormonal profile and balance 

    * Inclusive of; onboarding costs and development of meal plan

    As an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Chanise has specialisations in sports nutrition, optimising energy and performance and body composition. She will also be able assist you in managing nutritional related conditions, IBS, eating disorders, gut health, nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances.

    Chanise always says, the more information you can provide the better! 

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