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What's Included? 

Interactive Course Modules, Cheat sheets, Recipes, & Meal Plan templates + a sh*t load more!! 

Module 1 ✅: Breaking down calories & macros for energy balance and building lean muscle.. 
- Build muscle, drop fat & feel energised


Module 2 ✅: Pre & post fuelling for training or practice sessions. 
- Create the perfect athlete plate!

Module 3 ✅: Supplements & optimising performance 
- Selecting safe, affordable & research backed supps.

Module 4 ✅: How to eat for competition & events without feeling sick.
- Feel prepared for game day, matches & races 

BONUSES 🎉: Meal plans, Recipes & Cheat sheets. 
- Ask your questions in the community and get direct feedback from a Sports Performance Dietitian!!  

- NEW MODULES at no extra cost!!...

Power Your Performance

  • **Conditions Apply**

    3 day risk free guarantee! If this program is not what you expected, we will give you a complete refund on your investment. 

    We are so confident you will love this program and it will be exactly what you're looking for that, we will ask no questions! 

    However there is one condition. 

    If you have progress beyond 20% of the course, refunds will not be accepted. 

    This is because the course has taken a lot of work and effort and to keep it fair for us both, if you have consumed decent amount of the content then it's fair to say you have no doubt gained a bunch of value.

    That would otherwise cost a great deal of money (even more than this course) had you seen a Sports Performance Dietitian across multiple consultations! 

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