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Make food your friend, not your enemy!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Assess the foods you consume daily and ask yourself whether it leaves you feeling invigorated or depleted? It’s often a question which isn’t addressed, yet we continue to eat foods which make us feel like we are exhausted and need to take a nap at 12pm..

Ayurvedic cooking teaches us to choose foods which are whole and minimally processed to help us feel awake and energized. After all, food is supposed to provide us with energy. The diet originates from India, where diet lifestyle practices were found to heal, improve health and prevent or manage disease.

‘The Science of Life’ considers body-mind elements to assist you to reach a balanced state where your digestion, absorption and elimination of foods is optimal.

Stress, processed foods and unhealthy eating habits can take our digestion off balance and leave us in irregular, sharp and slow digestive patterns. Consider the following energies:

  • Airy – usually occurs when there is too much air in the stomach resulting in flatulence, bloating and constipation.

  • Fiery – upon eating there is a reduction in moisture in your stomach resulting in hyperacidity, heartburn, bad breath, gastritis, ulcers and inflammation.

  • Earthy – slow digestion often caused by foods without spices and digestive catalysts causing sluggishness, fatigue and loss of appetite.

Do you read these and find that one, or even two embodies your digestive experiences? A balanced state is reached by identifying your states and mindfully eating suggested whole foods.

Start with this recipe by @divyaalter, see how it makes you feel. At night, this is the ideal time to alter your state from wakefulness to restful sleep. It is believed that cardamom has balancing properties and helps to reduce stimulation of your nervous and digestive system especially when working/socialising past dark. Divya Alter suggests this milkshake to reduce airiness and overcome fatigue.

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