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Daniel Mogoai is a strong advocate of movement,  health and education. Growing up to participate in a wide variety of sports such as soccer, tennis, hip hop dancing and calisthenics, he was bound to take an 
interest in understanding the body further.
Daniel carries over 7 years of personal experience and graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science, Osteopathy in 2022. 

The past years Daniel has helped many people achieve their strength and movement goals. Ranging from their first chin up to their first ever handstand. His aim in the future is to expand his knowledge within the rehabilitation field and help people to move more dynamically. 


Daniel is a large proponent of “You must practice what you preach”, setting and working towards his own 2023 training goals.


Which include:

  • Olympic Weightlifting: Clean + Jerk x 100kg

  • Perform a middle split 

  • Reach 8% body fat 



Chanise Konstantinidis is a positive influence to those trying to make healthy changes to their lifestyle. She is a qualified Dietitian, with a Master in Dietetics (MDiet) and a Bachelor in Nutrition Science (BNutSc) and has furthered her studies to become a Sports Dietitian in 2022.
Chanise’s training over the past 9 years has been a consistent journey, where her dedication has been a credit to her progress and learning development. 

Through her studies, Chanise has learnt the importance of healthy eating, by its strong influence on preventing diseases, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and inner happiness. Chanise believes that to perform your absolute best as an athlete, you must support the whole body to perform well first. The health of your sleep, recovery, gut, skin, hormone and mental determines how well you can perform at your sport. Her aim is to teach others about the intricate details of nutrition and how it helps to improve progression in training and the quality of life. 

Chanise's Training GOALS:

  • Olympic Weightlifting: Snatch x 55kg 

  • Olympic Weightlifting: Clean + Jerk x 70kg

  • Back Squat x 105kg

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