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Helping Women Perform Their Best. OM Strong.​

Are you a female looking to reach a new height in your sport? Do you want to be stronger, faster and last longer during games? If you said yes, then you're in the right place..

#1 online nutrition, strength and conditioning app for females in sport
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The struggle is real...

Being a female in sport, has difficulties unimaginable to most males..

Constant hormonal changes, premenstrual symptoms, lack of education on breast support, male coaches with no understanding of the female body…

And then to make matters worse the world of nutrition and strength training is one big blur, so you’re left feeling low on energy during games, the pressure to win matches is overwhelming and you can’t help but feel heavy every time you play…

But in light of all this, it’s also what makes your journey and role in the female sporting world so impactful…

Few females will have the opportunity to make the impact you will in females sports across the next decade and so it's important you have all the help necessary to perform at your best..

Just remember you are a rose amongst thorns ready to shine in the culture of your sport and we are here to support you in every way possible along your journey…

Where we come in..

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Why a female athlete program?​

As a female, the pay in sports is atrocious and the funding for performance is not at the level it should be.

And since sports are pivotal for young females to feel confident in their bodies, find purpose and develop team and leadership skills that can transfer into the real world, there needs to be more affordable access to high level coaches, dietitians and psychological support.


With our ongoing support, understand how female physiology impacts your sport, what it means to eat for performance and how weight training improves speed, strength and risk of injury.


A solution to female sports..

OM Strong is an affordable nutrition, strength & conditioning program designed for female athletes, to bridge the gap in the sporting world and give women the best opportunity to perform in their sport.

You will learn how to eat and train around your menstrual cycle, how to avoid injuries that are at greater risk to females and how to tackle the unspoken such as breast support, body image challenges and pelvic floor difficulties.


If this sounds like you, it's time for a change.. ​

If you’re a female that plays sport, but feels…

  • Troubled by menstrual difficulties..

  • Confused about what foods to eat and stay energised..

  • Slow on the field or court during games..

  • Lost in a weight room..

Then support from a qualified dietitian and strength and conditioning coach that understands the intimate challenges of females will help get you out of your head and focusing more on your sport…

A 'good' program simply isn't enough...​

We know you must be wondering, what exactly is the OM Strong program and what should you expect?

  • Nutrition plan and nutrition education to optimise weight and performance in your sport

  • 4 day training program, complete with power, strength, mobility and conditioning sessions

  • Visualisation and Meditation videos to reduce feelings of anxiousness and increase focus for performance

  • In app performance and body weight tracking

  • Access to a dietitian and strength and conditioning coach for all your concerns and questions

  • Q&A/Webinar every week to discuss topics related to female health and sports

  • Extensive Exercise Video Library so you feel 100% supported in the gym

Well it is all of this plus more..


Phew, that's a lot to take in..

But don't worry, we will show you exactly how to personalise the program to your goals, navigate the app, and who to reach out to when you have any problems..

Join Us Today!!

Best value!

To get started right away..

Weekly Coach Check Ins
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Get weekly messages from strength and conditioning coach to reach new heights in your performance.

Access to Qualified Dietitian

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Cut out the misinformation and receive up to date sports nutrition tips from an Accredited Practising Dietitian.

Training Program every 4 weeks

Train your speed, strength, mobility, core and cardiovascular fitness with each program.

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Nutrition Plan every 4 weeks

Stay full, energised and recover correctly by eating the right amounts for your body and sport. 

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Weekly Webinar and Q&A

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Our live sessions give you the opportunity to discuss challenges in your sport, program and nutrition and tackle them with a community of like-minded females.

Access to Interactive App

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Keep all your progress in one place and watch yourself improve each week.

Extensive Video Library

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Confidently perform exercises in a gym with instructional videos.

Recipes, Ebooks and More..

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Knowledge is the key to success, receive our OM Strong recipe book, training & nutrition ebooks plus additional resources.

'OM STRONG' Female Athlete Program​

Join for $29/week!

We are OM Strong.


We now have learned to value the changes good nutrition, sleep, meditation and strength training can have on our performance in the gym and individual physical skills.

So much so, Daniel was able to shift his approach and improve his gut health after years of struggling with bloating and discomfort whilst playing soccer and practicing dancing. 

For me, changing my training and nutrition to match my menstrual cycle was a crucial shift to become stronger, improve my confidence and recover from my olympic lifting!

The truth is, if you're ready to make a real shift in how you feel and perform ladies, support from professionals is a necessity not a nice to have....

Being a female, I (Chanise) felt that opening the conversation on nutrition and it's role for hormonal balance was vital for women to be the best versions of themselves in sports, the workplace and in relationships..

And through Daniel's experience coaching over 100 females, he found women are much stronger than they are lead to believe in today's culture and he believes access to more affordable coaching will break a crucial barrier in sport and help more women shine..

Together, we have spent over a 100 thousand dollars on education over the years and we want to share our knowledge with people we believe need it most.


Why? Because we to have experienced feeling out of control and lost and have naively followed yo-yo diets and general workout videos, only to feel depleted, weak and more confused.


Chanise and Daniel are passionate about teaching women the importance of proper nutrition and exercise for optimal health and performance. 

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Feel Confident With Every New Challenge.

Join us every week for our interactive live webinar and Q&A sessions.  

We are OM Strong.


If you are not happy with the membership you can reach out within the first 7 days and cancel your membership. No questions asked.


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