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  • What is included in an initial dietetic consultation?
    The initial consultation is for 1 hour with our dietitian Chanise, and includes coverage of your nutritional goals, general health and fitness questions, medical history, stress management strategies, barriers to change, past interventions and of course, your dietary intake. These questions are covered in-depth and allow Chanise to have a thorough understanding of your personal situation and goals, and how to collate an appropriate nutritional management plan. It will also include sufficient time for you to ask questions, express any concerns or expectations of the commitment to the nutritional intervention.
  • Do I have to commit to an initial dietetic consult?
    It is extremely encouraged to complete an initial dietetic consult. Nutritional interventions requires coverage of in-depth questions to ensure the effectiveness of the provided plan. It is very easy to create a general meal plan for an individual, however to create it individualised to you, your goals and medical history will require answers to detailed questions and will also allow Chanise to support you through any resistance or barriers to the changes that are required to be made. This is also a great chance to goal set with Chanise and expand on reasonings behind your goals, what you have trialled in the past and your challenges and barriers along the way. Therefore, it is required for new clients to complete an initial dietetic consult so that your nutritional management is 100% individualised and best suited to you.
  • What do I receive in the 12-week dietetic coaching?
    The 12-week online dietetic coaching includes ongoing support from our dietitian, Chanise after completing the initial consult. You will receive access to a nutrition app which will include your personalised nutrition program, recipes, habit building and educational resources. Feedback will also be provided weekly throughout the nutrition app, with the addition of either fortnightly or monthly 30-minute video calls, dependent on your requirements and choosing of subscription. The regular feedback during the week and in the consults will include assessments of your goal progression to determine whether Chanise needs to make further changes to your plan to keep you progressing. The aim of the 12-week plan is to provide you with the support, accountability and educational tools for you to reach your goals and to prepare you to be able to fuel your body and maintain your progression in the future. Click here to view more.
  • Why can't I book in for a review dietetic consult?
    Unfortunately, our dietitian Chanise only provides Dietetic coaching with commitment of 12-weeks. The reason for this is because nutritional changes do not show overnight. Consistency, dedication and hard work is required but you will achieve your health goal in the end. Therefore 12-weeks allows Chanise to provide you ongoing support, accountability, evidence-based education, and a nutrition plan that will give you long-term progression.
  • What is the difference between a Nutritionist and Dietitian?
    All dietitians are nutritionists, but not all nutritionists are dietitians.. Whilst the definitions may be similar, there are vast differences in regulations and qualifications. As a profession, a nutritionist are not regulated and can have limited qualifications. Dietitians are government regulated, and have graduated with an approved Masters degree specialising in nutrition science and dietetics. The profession contributes to the prevention and treatment of illness through optimising the health of individuals through use of evidence-based nutrition. Specialities in sports nutrition, through undergoing additional educations allows dietitians to integrate all aspects of an individual's nutritional needs in addition to fuelling their sport, athleticism, and body composition requirements. Dietitian with an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) credential commit to ongoing training and education to stay up to date with current research. Medicare, and many private health insurances recognise the APD credential, providing you with the ability to receive health care rebates. Chanise's credentials as an APD has allowed her to further her specialisation into sports performance and receive the title as a Sports Dietitian.
  • Is there a lock in contract?
    There is a minimum commitment period of 12 weeks. Results take time and consistency, so we believe investing this time once and getting it right will give you the knowledge and confidence it takes to succeed long term...
  • Can I do this program if I am completely new to strength training?
    Yes you can! Our unique training system helps everyone who wants to get stronger, fitter, healthier, and feel more confident in their own body, no matter where you're starting from. Our specific progression tips will allow you to alter any exercise to suit your capabilities.
  • Will this require a gym?
    Yes, the program does will require access to gym facility! Building real strength requires weights not yoga mats and we want you to be the strongest version of yourself, so we will not fluff about..
  • Will I be able to customise the program?
    Yes. If you’re injured or unable to perform a particular exercise, in the One Motion App you can substitute an exercise for something more achievable.
  • Is the program suitable if I am pregnant, injured or have a medical condition?
    We suggest seeking advice from a medical professional first, if you are pregnant or have a medical condition before entering the program. If you are injured and are aware of which exercises/movements to avoid, you are able to customise the program by swapping these exercises to more suitable options. However, if you are unsure of what to steer clear of whilst you are injured, we suggest to seek help from a rehab professional before partaking in the program.


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