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Join the 8 Week Female Strength Challenge!

If you're a female who wants to feel stronger, confident and no longer worry about how much you're eating! 

Then you're in the right place..

#1 online nutrition and strength challenge for females 
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The struggle is real...

Being a female and trying to eat more, has difficulties unimaginable to most males..

Constant hormonal changes, premenstrual symptoms and the ongoing influence of skinny models in bikinis selling the dream with juice cleanses.. 

Then to only make matters worse every instagram post contradicts the last creating, this one big blur, so you’re left feeling more confused and unsure if eating carbs will lead to water retention or snacking on nuts will make you gain fat..  

It's okay I've been exactly where you are and  I totally get it..


Eating more food for me went against everything I was ever told about calories in vs calories out when it came to weight loss, but once I learn how to develop a healthy relationship with food everything from training in the gym to menstrual symptoms improved dramatically..

That's why this 8 Week Female Strength Challenge is like no other. You will be given the green light to fuel and nourish your body and feel completely free from all 'diet' fads once and for all...

Why you want me by your side..

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To be the nutrition girlfriend you never had!

When it comes to food, creating a healthy relationship means having people in your corner who appreciate you for who you are, inside and out.


It's easy to get caught up in the world of social media and fad diets, but those things can create false realities and ultimately mess with our mental health.

But here's the good news: over the next 8 weeks, you don't have to go through it alone.


Think of me as your nutrition girlfriend - someone you can lean on when you're going through a tough time with food.


Whether you're breaking up with binge eating or trying to kick a bad habit like sinking espresso martinis every weekend, I'm here to support you 100% of the way.

Remember, you're not alone in this. It's okay to struggle with food and your body image, but it's also okay to have someone there who can help you navigate those challenges.


So don't hesitate to reach out if you need me - I'll be here for you!


To hit your targets with ease.

One of the most common issues I hear from my female clients when trying to build strength is that they simply can not eat enough..

But, whenever I dig deeper to see what they are eating, it's always foods that are either too low calorie or so dense, they're unable to finish all the food they need in their day..


I'll teach you simple ways that make it easier to get your protein and calorie intake in and digest it with ease, so you can lose fat and build lean muscle..


If thinking about what to eat makes you feel overwhelmed, then it's time for some direction.. ​

I totally get it – tracking or following a specific diet can seem like a real hassle.


It can feel overwhelming trying to get everything together, and those doubts start to creep in...

"Will I still be able to go out?"

"Am I really going to stick to this challenge, or will I just end up wasting my money?"

"When am I supposed to find time to cook all these meals?"

"And what about my partner or kids – do I have to cook two different meals now?"

It's totally natural to have those thoughts and feelings, but I want to help you shift your perspective.


Instead of thinking about this as just another burden, view it as a kickstart to a healthier, happier you.

Sure, you'll likely see some weight loss and muscle gain during the challenge, and you'll definitely feel more confident about how to eat properly.


But even more importantly, you'll be developing habits that will last a lifetime.

With time and effort, all those doubts and worries will be a thing of the past.


You'll be the person who knows exactly how to focus on nutrition and training, and you'll feel empowered to take control of your health for good. So let's do this!

A 'good' program simply isn't enough...​

We know you must be wondering, what exactly should you expect across the next 8 weeks?

  • New meal plan every week & a grocery list to easily hit your nutrition goals

  • 4 day training program by OM Athletic Osteopath & Strength Coach, which includes strength, mobility and cardio sessions

  • Mindfulness habit setting to build awareness and reduce any feelings of anxiousness

  • In app performance and body weight tracking

  • Access to a Sports Dietitian for ongoing support 

  • Extensive Exercise Video Library so you feel 100% confident in the gym

  • And lots more tips on supplementation, sleep and stress management

Well it is all of this plus more..


Okay, wow, that's a lot to take in..

But don't worry, I will show you exactly how to personalise the program to your goals, navigate the app, and who to reach out to when you have any problems..

Join Us Today!!

Best value!

To get started right away..

Get More Value with
Weekly Check Ins
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Each week I will check in to make sure you're on the right track!
We can even address tips on improving your gut health and relationship with food.. 

Exclusive access to
a Dietitian

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If you get stuck or overwhelmed, I will be just a message away.
At any point you start losing motivation or life gets in the way,

just reach out..

High Quality Training Program 

Go to the gym or train at home without worries!
Your training program will be completely laid out for you...

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Delicious New  Meals Every Week

Each week you will receive a new meal plan with a new set of recipes and a grocery list to keep things fresh!

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Weekly Webinar and Q&A

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Our live sessions give you the opportunity to discuss challenges in your sport, program and nutrition and tackle them with a community of like-minded females.

Access to Easy to Use  App

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Through the OM Athletic app, you can reach out to me and keep up with your nutrition, training and daily mindfulness habits all in one place.

Access to a 'Jam Packed' Video Library

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Head to the gym with 100% confidence you're performing exercises correctly. Easily switch exercises if injured or there is no equipment available! 

Super Fun Recipes &
In Depth Fitness Ebooks..

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You will LOVE these bonuses also! The OM Athletic recipe book and easy to read training & nutrition ebooks will help you to always smash your goals!

'OM STRONG' Female Athlete Program​

Join for as little as $45 per week

Ready to get started?


So, it's time to let go of any preconceptions that others may have about us and prioritise ourselves.

Deep down, we all want to be stronger and more capable. We want to push ourselves to be better and truly enjoy the bodies we were given.

No longer should we listen to people who try to bring us down with comments like "Aren't you scared of looking like a man?" or "Stop going to the gym, you're getting too bulky."


We know who we are and who we want to be, and we don't need anyone else's opinions to dictate that.

Instead, let's focus on our own goals and what makes us feel amazing. We can do chin-ups, carry heavy things, and be the best version of ourselves for our families.


That feeling of strength and capability is what gives us the courage to reach our full potential. So, let's embrace who we are and fuel ourselves to be our very best.

Being a female, I (Chanise) felt that opening the conversation on nutrition and it's role for hormonal balance was vital for women to be the best versions of themselves in sports, the workplace and in relationships..

After helping 100s of females, I've found women are much stronger than they are lead to believe in today's culture and it's time to let go of the old "women with muscles look like men" stigma.


Why? Because I too have naively followed low calorie diets and general workout videos, only to feel depleted, weak and more confused.

That approach is a downward spiral, particularly for females.

Once menopause hits, there is no going back, our muscle and bone density plummets and so does our ability to maintain the same function, strength and quality of life...


Chanise is passionate about helping women overcome old and outdated beliefs of how a women should look or eat. 

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Feel Confident With Every New Challenge.

They say the best time to start was yesterday, the second best is today!

Teach your body to love itself.


Not sure if you're making the right decision? If you're not satisfied with the challenge, don't worry, I have a 7 day

no-hassle refund policy to put your mind at ease..


Just send me an email and I will give you a 100% refund within 7 days. No T&C's, no questions, a full refund. 


I want you to find a program that suits you and use your money in a place that benefits you and if that's not in this program, then we are just not the right fit and that's okay, at least you can now find someone who is..


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